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iMed Solutions

Revolution requires radical change. Technology can be the driving force of that change, but it takes more than the conversion from paper charts to electronic medical records to create a revolution.  It requires effective and efficient use of the technology along with a transformation of the culture, philosophy, and mindset of providers, practice staff and patients alike. It requires a new approach to engaging patients, one that makes it easy and convenient for each patient to become a part of their own healthcare journey.  And it requires outside resources and content that can be embedded with practice technology and existing staff to offer new and more efficient services to deliver value to patients and profit to practices.

The iMed Technology Sphere provides a full suite of ambulatory practice solutions to drive clinical and administrative efficiency, engage patients, manage populations, and coordinate care with other providers.  

The Care Delivery Sphere offers a network of medical resources and content embedded within the technology and existing practice staff to optimize the revenue cycle, capture new revenue, and introduce alternative visit options to lower costs and improve patient access.

If you are an independently owned practice that has been in business for 20 years, a new practice just starting out, or a community based hospital with a network of owned and/or affiliated clinics, we should talk. If you’ve implemented EHR already and are struggling to make it work for your business and your patients, or you are just now making the leap from paper charts to electronic records, we should talk. If you are a primary care practice trying to navigate alternative payment models and reimbursement methods or a specialty care clinic trying to figure out how you fit in the world of value based care, we should talk.   In all of these cases, the iMedCORE can help you transform your business and revolutionize the healthcare experience.

Markets we Serve

The healthcare delivery market is vast and broad.  At iMed we still believe in the value of specialization.  Specialization creates a laser like focus on a particular area and builds deep expertise.  Just as the healthcare industry hasn’t outgrown medical specialties like cardiology, OB/Gyn, etc., we don’t believe it has outgrown health IT specialties either.  At iMed, we specialize in clinical operations either within an independently owned/operated practice or the clinical environment associated with community, rural, or critical access hospitals.

Independent Physician Practices

Stay focused & efficient

Industry buzz and conventional wisdom may seem to indicate that the day of the small to medium sized private practice is dead.  At iMed we’ve never been in the habit of following buzz or so called conventional wisdom.  In fact, we believe that the private/independent practice is alive and well and has a great opportunity to thrive in the new world of value based care.  We also believe that the right technology, coupled with the right health IT vendor partner, is the only way to do it.   We understand there are differences between primary care and the various specialists.  So, we built a common clinical framework that is designed to be uniquely customized/optimized to serve each individual specialty, practice, and doctor.  So whether you are primary care, OB/Gyn, or virtually any other specialty, the iMed system can, and already has been, customized to deliver you the workflows and content you need.


Community Hospitals

Bigger is not always better

As a community, rural, or critical access hospital, you face unique challenges that require unique solutions.  Even though you are a hospital in name, a big part of your business success relies on an optimized clinical solution. Whether you own clinics and employ providers, have a network of private practices affiliated with your hospital, or a combination of the two, your clinical environment needs to operate a peak efficiency to be profitable in and of itself and to be an engine that drives patients to your inpatient and ER facility in the right way and at the right time.  Likewise, upon discharge from either the inpatient or ER facility, you need a smooth transition to clinical follow up care and an optimized process on the clinical side to avoid unnecessary readmissions.  Your clinical operations have to be optimized to meet specific clinical payer quality compliance programs, take advantage of value based payment models, and result in a convenient and enjoyable (as possible) experience for your patients.


Experienced in many aspects

iMed has experience in virtually all traditional MD practice specialities.  Here are a few of the specialties we current service:

  • Primary Care

    • Internal Medicine​

    • Family Practice


  • Cardiology

  • General Surgery

  • Vascular Surgery

  • Urology

  • Pulmonology

  • Gastrointestinal

  • ENT

  • Neurology

  • Neuro Surgery

  • Ophthalmology

  • Orthopedics

  • and more

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