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Alternative Payment Models may seem like just the next trick by payers to confuse you, put more administrative burden on you and your staff, and prevent you from making the money you deserve.  At iMed we understand APMs and how they may or may not fit an individual practice.  We will help you evaluate various models and choose the ones that make sense for your business.  

iMed provides tools to help you collect the clinical data the payers are asking for and export the data to them automatically so you can score high and earn bonuses.  Alternative Payment Models may be new, but they don’t have to be scary.  See how you can make Alternative Payment Models work for you instead of against you.

Quality Program

Blue Cross Blue Shield - Quality Blue

iMed has been communicating data to BCBS for several years now.  Many iMed Primary Care clients are actively participating in the Quality Blue program.  iMedEMR has a built in Module that allows the practices to capture the Quality Data properly and export the data securely to the payer.

Accountable Care Organization


Participants of the Aledade LA ACO are required to report quality data through the G-Pro system.  This module automatically exports data on a daily basis to pre-populate portions of the G-Pro requirements.  In addition, the exported data is used to populate the Aledade app for population health purposes.

Condition-Based Functions

Quality Reporting

iMed has a condition-based infrastructure that allows practices to establish quality standards based on Patient Condition-Based Groupings.  The function provides a Quality Assistant (Nous) that ensures the highest level Quality data to be reported to the various reporting entities.  

In addition to the Condition-Based Requirements function, iMed contains a module to export Quality Data to virtually any entity automated and secure.  iMed is also actively working with several other organizations to improve our Quality reporting functions and add additional program options.

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