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iMed Software Services

Personal Practice Care

iMed Software has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that’s incomparable. We utilize this experience to provide our clients with quality and innovative solutions they can truly count on.

Our innovative solutions are brought to bare with the best possible quality services.  We are very engaged with all of our clients to ensure success.  We don't just say it, we live it.  Ask our clients and our staff!

iMed is based 100% in the USA.  All of our resources from Development to Support are employed directly with iMed and are waiting to treat you with our southern hospitality.

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The iMed Way

EHR implementation is not a smash & grab strategy.  iMed practices a unique step-by-step approach that has been tested over the past 15 years.  "The iMed Way" institutes our DEA strategy.  We Design the solution, Educate the staff and Apply the technology effectively.  

Our implementation strategy is successful because of the relationships and ongoing interaction we have with our clients.  iMed will maintain an intimate relationship with your practice and ensure the implementation is logical and well thought out.  We move at the pace that is best for you practice, giving the staff time to understand and deploy the tools properly.

Modern day transitions to EHR or more often conversions from other systems.  iMed has converted from many different vendors, some easier than others.  However, all of our conversion services are at no additional charge to our clients.


Fast Integrated Support

iMed strives to provide the best possible, personalized support.  Our support team and process is one of the best in the business. 

Contacting us via phone or through our Integrated Communication system (iCom), you will communicate with someone that you know on your dedicated team.  You will work with someone that knows you and your practice intimately, not someone in another country.

iCom is a proprietary tool, embedded into our software that allows you to do everything from submitting cases and checking status, to reviewing your account and setting up providers.

Don't wait hours for a call back, iMed guarantees it will be just minutes before you hear from us.  

Practice Care

iMed's Extra Hand

Implementation of an EHR does not stop with using the basic functions.  There are new features, Industry requirement changes, new interfaces and many other things that will require assistance moving forward.  

iMed provides our Practice Care services 

Digital Assistance

Education on Demand

In addition to your dedicated team assigned, iMed provides digital education on many different topics to allow you and your staff to "self educate" when it's convenient for you.  See many online videos and other information on topics from Industry compliance and payment programs to how to use specific functions in the software.

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