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All About Us

Service Driven

iMed is technically a Health IT Software Vendor selling an Electronic Health Records solution.  But our focus on customer service is what sets us apart from the others.

iMedCORE is our team (family) that makes the product so great.  We establish intimate relationships with clients and get to know the people and business.  Not only that, but our team members are assigned to specific clients and are proactively working with every client to better leverage our solutions. 

Where we came from

More About Us

So....The idea of iMed came from a terrible experience with "our" Healthcare system back in the mid 90's.  Our C.E.O., Glenn Jumonville, had a personal experience with his daughter, Brittany, being born with Spina-Bifida in a large South Louisiana Health System.  It was months of medical procedures from various providers, all of which were initially internal of the Health System.​

The disorganization and the antiquated operations of the Healthcare industry was purely disheartening, Glenn explained.  We were in the 90's for Pete sake, the .com era.  Glenn was in the IT business as a fledgeling, but knew enough to say that the paper based process and communication was not efficient, effective or accurate for that matter.  He found himself moving charts from provider to provider, office to office.  Just ridiculous that this needed to be done by the patient within this "large" Health System.

The amount of time and energy wasted was enormous, not to mention the constant question in the back of his mind, was his daughter getting the best care.  If it was such a sloppy process from the administrative and information standpoint, it would make sense that would have some affect on clinical activities.

Fortunately, Brittany received stellar care and she came out of it to live a fulfilled life.  But Glenn was not satisfied with he experienced and felt we can do better.  He began the hunt in the late 90's to find a solution.  The ideas were flowing.

It was several years before development started around the year 2001.  But the foundation of company was established and iMed was forming.  The initial phases of the company built the first version of the iMed Electronic Medical Record (EMR) product (iMedEMR), of which some of under infrastructure is still in production today.

The software went to production in 2003 with a Lafayette physician, Dr. Daniel Bourque OBGYN.  Dr. Bourque was innovative, high-volume and had a huge patient base.  A challenge for any EMR vendor at that time in the Industry's Health IT evolution.  But out of the smoke came a great product and also a great process for implementing the software in paper-based clinics.  

The company grew quickly and iMed has been in the Health IT industry for over 15 years now.  Expansion into the Hospital Employed Physician market has lead to even greater growth.  And iMed is now working with Payers to ensure iMed clients are practicing the best medicine possible.

The product has had major advancements and maintains all Industry related certifications required for Ambulatory Healthcare practices.  Dr. Bourque is still a customer today.  His practice has grown along the side of iMed and our relationship is still like family.

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