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Improving Patient Care

If you are looking for a health IT vendor that is passionate about helping you leverage technology to enhance patient engagement, better coordinate care, improve patient outcomes, lower costs, improve quality and make more profit for your business as you do it, we should talk.

Clinic Efficiency

Electronic Health Records

First and foremost, to run a successful clinical practice and serve your patients well, you have to make a profit.  Like any business, to make a profit, you have to operate at peak efficiency.  Peak efficiency means optimizing revenue, containing costs, creating an ideal workplace for you and your staff, and providing a great experience to your patients.  Using technology, and EHRs specifically, should improve efficiency, not hinder it.  The iMed Way includes well designed, flexible software modules, combined with professional services that help you leverage the technology properly.  Our solutions will not only make you more efficient, but improve the quality of care you provide your patients.

Interact with Your Patients

Electronic Patient Engagement

To survive and thrive in the world of value based payment models, you have to drive your patients to higher compliance levels.  To drive higher compliance, you have to get your patients more engaged in the management of their own health.  Technology tools are a great way to drive this engagement, but that means more than just a Patient Portal.  Sure, a portal is a good and necessary component, but to truly engage your patients, a combination of tools should be brought to bear.  Online patient registration, demographic and clinical intake forms, appointment, preventive screening and other service reminders, online bill payment, and virtual office visits are all tools you need in your arsenal to optimize patient engagement.

Care Coordination

Community Interoperability

Interoperability may seem like a pretty technical word; however, it is really just using technology to efficiently and securely exchange patient health information with other providers of care.  If done properly, it replaces the fax machine, provides all providers with better information on the patients they are treating. It also reduces labor costs associated with patient transitions and referral tracking.  iMed provides an easy-to-use tool that allows your practice to communicate with all of your referring providers and community healthcare facilities, both efficiently and accurately.



Payer compliance programs, and in particular those issued by CMS, are important to your business because they affect your reimbursements.  While most, if not all, compliance programs are optional, engaging in them in a proactive and explicit way shouldn’t be viewed as a burden, but rather as a potential to produce better outcomes for your patients and earn payment bonuses at the same time.  MIPS in particular is a program, if engaged properly, should be a source of growing reimbursements for your practice, not an administrative burden approached with an attitude of “the government is forcing me to do this to avoid further payment cuts.”

Maximize Reimbursements

Revenue Cycle Management

Largely due to the shift to value based care, the revenue cycle for clinical practices is changing.  Yes, it is still necessary to build insurance claims, submit them to payers in a timely fashion, and work insurance payments.  However, higher patient deductibles are making patient responsibility a higher percentage of your total collections so new tools need to be employed to properly collect from them.  In addition, value based programs are resulting in monthly patient management fees and patient population cost saving payments that must be properly allocated and managed within your financial management activities.

Predictive Data Analytics


Many in the industry are touting these things as a separate from the core EHR solution used to manage patient data in the clinic.  At iMed we believe providing the accurate information about the patient, to the right person is the key to improving compliance and outcomes.  As a result, population health and data analytic tools are built right into the EHR workflow.  Seeing a patient with diabetes, our pop health assistance will remind you to check the A1C, order a microalbumin, and refer out for eye and foot exams.  Want to know which patients are due for their annual colorectal cancer screening, iMed’s dashboard shows you a queue of these patients and allows you to define a reminder campaign to encourage them to make an appointment.  On the phone with a patient, iMedEMR will display all recommendations necessary for the patient based on their medical conditions and realtime status of orders, medications, and screenings.

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