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iMedEMR Certification


2014 Edition EHR Ambulatory

iMedEMR is currently certified 2014 Edition EHR Complete Certification maintained with Drummond Group.

2014 Certification Statement

Costs and Limitations


Initial 2014 Certification Documents

(ICSA Labs)

In Process

2015 Edition

iMed is currently in the process of 2015 Edition EHR Certification with Drummond Group.  We expect to be completed by the end of 2017.

2015 Edition will be required for various industry payment programs starting in 2019.

"We promise"

Our Commitment

iMed is dedicated to keep up with the latest Industry certifications and requirements.  We assure our clients that we will maintain all required certifications to take advantage of new payment models and avoid any payment adjustments.

Incentive Programs


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