Healthcare IT News & Updates

Changes are coming fast and furious in today’s healthcare market and have been since the HITeCH act put EHR on the map.  The changes are big, they are complicated, they are confusing, and they can be overwhelming.  At iMed, we’ve built deep expertise in the areas of compliance (i.e. MU, PQRS, and now MIPS) and alternative (value-based) payment models.  We understand how these new programs and requirements affect your reimbursement and more importantly, we have solutions and professional services designed specifically to help you navigate these changing times and come out on top.

iMed stays informed on the latest Industry information.  We do our best to decipher and assist our clients with applying the Industry changes to their practices.  Below are a few of the major events and additional information that have been circling in the Healthcare Industry.

NIST Update

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