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Evolving Patient Care . . .


Health IT is in our DNA.  iMed is a nimble, precise and intelligent organism that has continually evolved throughout our 15+ year history.  Our next phase of evolution is focused on improving the quality of healthcare and patient compliance.

Our flagship product (iMedEMR) is an Electronic Health Records solution that enables clinical efficiency, payment program compliance, and patient engagement to drive quality outcomes and reduce overall cost of care.

Quality Focused

Workflow Optimization & Patient Engagement

No brainer that Patient Outcomes are largely related to Patient Compliance.  The trick is to embed Patient Engagement with your clinical activities and maintain efficiency.  

With payment models changing, practices will have to "Evolve" with the Industry to survive.  iMed's solutions will allow you to do just that without breaking the bank in the process.

 Alternative Payment Models (APMs)

The iMedEMR software solution enables practices to take full advantage of Advanced Payment Models (APMs) being driven by the Healthcare Industry.

iMed works closely with Payers, Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) and other Industry Partners to ensure proper data capture and export related to the latest APMs.

MIPS Compliance & Quality Reporting

iMedEMR is Certified for current MACRA / MIPS Compliance.  Embedded functions for Quality Registry Reporting. 

iMed's condition-based assistant (Nous) ensures proper data capture for all industry programs and helps improve Quality Reporting. 

Startup Development Team

iMed Proud

Forged 100% in the USA

iMedEMR has been in production for over 15 years with hundreds of providers.  Grown from the ground up, iMed has stayed true to its promise of taking care of our clients.

We are a boutique Electronic Health Records Solution Provider that brings together an interesting combination of Technology Solutions and Intelligent Engineering that creates powerful solutions for Ambulatory Healthcare Practices.

A FEW OF OUR solutions . . .

Population Health

Managing the health of your patients to Improve outcomes.



Electronic Health Records for practice optimization.



Engage your patients in their Healthcare to Improve Outcomes, while, improving Practice Efficiency.


Revenue Cycle Automation

Take advantage of new Industry Payment Programs & embedded Payment Collection tools to streamline the process of revenue collection.


Community Interoperability

Automate the process of Patient Care Coordination and Communicate Electronically with your Healthcare community partners.  Hospitals, Practices, etc.


Module-Based Approach

"Plug in" Modules to your solution to address various clinical needs.  Embed Practice Management, automate faxing or add other additional modules to improve clinic efficiency.


Dedicated Team


The most important part of iMed's success is due to our dedicated team.  Its the nucleus of what we call iMedCORE.  We are small but intelligent, driven and focused.  Not to mention, our people love working for iMed.  Just ask them!

iMed is not the huge company with layers of bureaucracy.  Just imagine a heart surgery being done by hundreds of Physicians at once.  How effective can that be...That's not us, we are simply smart, efficient and calculated.

Our CORE team members are some of the most impressive people I have ever met, assisting our clients by day....fighting crime by night with their secret identities!!


Glenn Jumonville

President & C.E.O. 


Bruce Wayne


The Dark Knight is solving problems by day and building software by night!


Diana Prince

Wonder Woman

WW represents a team of focused specialists that blend into our client's practice to implement iMedEMR peacefully and successfully.


Steve Rogers

Captain America

Steve was enhanced to peak human performance by a special serum to lead iMed in Healthcare IT Market.

iMedEMR is 100% developed and supported in the USA.  We are proud to be one of the few vendors in the Healthcare Software Industry that has stayed loyal to our Nation.

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Globalization concept


Streamline & Automate Processes

Create Clinic Efficiency by leveraging Electronic Patient Engagement

Improve Outcomes & Patient Compliance

Automate workflows & ensure 

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Healthcare Community Interoperability

Electronically Coordinate Care

Use electronic tools to automate the process of patient care coordination.  Communicate electronically with your Healthcare Community.


Improve Patient Adherence

Electronically sharing patient data with other healthcare providers is an necessity for streamlining coordination of care & optimizing patient outcomes.


Improve Quality Reporting

Certified for current Compliance and Quality reporting requirements (MACRA / MIPS)
iMed's "Smart Assistant" ensures proper data capture &

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